A Little Quilt Project

I am not a quilter. I have a home full of gorgeous quilts, thanks to my grandmother and mother-in-law, but I have never pieced anything in my life. It was time for that to change.

A friend is expecting her third baby, and a group of us wanted to do something special to welcome the little one with love. Another friend said she would put together a quilt if each of us contributed a block. She gave a few suggestions for our blocks, but since I don’t embroider, applique, or draw, I contacted my mother-in-law.

I wanted to piece a star as I thought that would have special meaning for the recipient. The square needed to be 5 inches. My mother-in-law resized a pattern, and I got my first quilting lesson. It took about an hour to choose fabric and get the thing put together. I even feel like I could make another one on my own someday!

IMG_0222It is simple, but I am pleased with how it came together. I am glad I can send a little blessing to another mama this way.


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