Church Dinner

Today we are having our annual meeting and dinner at church. Each family is asked to bring in two dishes to share. There is always plenty eat. Much of it is very good, but some of it is questionable. I like to bring things to carry-in dinners that are simple and easily identifiable. You don’t want to add something to your plate if you don’t know what it is! There will be plenty of heavy casserole and slow cooker dishes. I looked at what we had in the house and decided to make a simple tossed salad and a pan of no-knead herbed focaccia bread.


I had plenty of veggies that needed used up, so the salad is romaine lettuce with cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, shredded carrots, and little bit of sliced red onion. I’m bringing along a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette to dress it.

I’ve been using this bread recipe from Budget Bytes for years. It is easy and delicious! I stirred the ingredients together last night and was able quickly bake fresh bread this morning before church.


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